Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Six months flies by

Whoops. Six months since I've written a post? How did that happen? Hello old friend. I'd like to be able to say I missed you but....I haven't. Life has been busy. And a little bit shitty. Then it got fun again. And now I'm back here! So, where to start?

My "new" job is great. It's challenging and busy and I love the people. It keeps me engaged and I'm constantly learning and growing. It's exhausting but my brain is happy. I have a better sense of where I want my career to go in the long run.

Healthwise I have totally fallen off from most of the changes I was making and documenting when I started this blog. I was distracted with other things and didn't take time to take care of myself. A common theme in my life. I am finally getting to a point again where I feel like I can refocus on such things. I did stick with doing water aerobics, just not as frequently as I prefer to do it. Still love it, still wish I would have found it sooner.

Ended a relationship, which was hard and I don't really want to talk about. It still weighs on me, but I am determined to move on. I've been doing a lot of work with my therapist on being more open to people - not just romantically, but in general. In that vein, I have made new friends! And they are amazing, supportive women whom I absolutely adore! I'm also trying to make more time for existing friends whom I love and don't see enough. I'm forcing myself to be more social, which is hard because, believe it or not, I am an introvert. It's worth it and I am enjoying not being a hermit. I am attempting to date. That's pretty much a shit show, but man is it entertaining. I have some good stories and some even better pictures. Dudes are weird, man.

Craft wise, I set a goal for myself last year to learn to make socks and bras. Well, I kind of did both. I have made several pairs of actual, functional socks. It was fun to learn and I like making them. On the bra front, I partially made a tester bra. I had trouble getting the fit down because I didn't use the right fabric. So I set it aside and never picked it back up. I ordered proper fabric recently and it wasn't outrageously priced or too pretty to cut into. So I'm going to pick that back up and really focus on creating the perfect bra. My goal is to also document that process on this blog.

That brings me back to this blog. I'm struggling with what to write. Sure, I have ideas, but I don't have a real focus. It's just a brain dump of whatever comes across my mind when I sit down to write. If I were providing feedback to myself, I'd say it lacks focus and a consistent voice. So I need to decide what I want to do with this space. Continue to just be random old me? Or hone this into something more specific? I don't have an answer yet. I'm not sure I will. But like anything else in life, I'll just plow through it with brute force and make it up as I go along. Should at least be entertaining to watch, if nothing else.

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I am glad you are back. Do you follow bygumgolly on Insta? She just made a bra.

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