Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!
In general, I'm not a fan of holidays. Halloween being the only exception. But Valentine's always gets to me just a little bit. Yes, it's commercial as hell. No, you shouldn't have to have a freaking holiday to be reminded to tell people that you love them. But you know what? Some people have issues expressing emotions like love. A day like today is a great excuse to do just that. No judgement, no shame, no fear of non-reciprocation. Just letting it all hang out, telling people how much you appreciate them. That ain't a bad thing.

My reminder to you today is this: show yourself some love today too. Self care is important and I know I definitely need it more during the winter months. So I'm making today an extra special self care day. I'm eating healthy (and a few treats), going to water aerobics, and just generally doing stuff I love. Take this day of overly hyped, super commercial holiday back and use it as a reminder to take care of you! Self care comes in all different shapes and sizes and there are millions of articles on how you should do it. I feel like moisturizer should be involved, but that's just me. I don't care how you do it, just set aside some time today to remind yourself that you are special and you deserve love.


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Everyone should moisturize!!

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