I have put off writing an About page for my blog long enough. I wrote a 5 things about me for my friend's awesome blog, yet that doesn't seem enough.
I am an introvert. I do love animals, mostly because they are easier than people. I do love to sew, knit, and bake. I am so sarcastic that sometimes I don't even know when I am being sarcastic any more. And I still swear a ton - always have, always will. I have two cats. I love my Subaru. I'm obsessed with makeup, fashion, and bras, but spend most of my time not partaking of any unless I absolutely have to.
I work in IT, but I'm trying not to let my work define me anymore. This blog is an experiment - something that started out as a journal and continues to evolve. It's an outlet for me and my creative side - the side I don't get to use during my day job. I've never been much of a creative writer, so writing a somewhat humorous and informative (?) blog is the closest I get.
I may in fact be a walking contradiction. I think I'm ok with that, because I'm in my 30s now and have no fucks left to give. The things I do care about, will probably show up in this blog at some point or another.
Can you really sum up a person with a few sentences any way?