Friday, March 17, 2017

What I'm into this week: 3/17/17


I'm still going through my dystopian literature phase, so I am re-reading Fahrenheit 451. It's not as dramatic as I remember, but it's still a book I find new things in every time I read it. I especially love that my yellowed, tattered, paperback copy has my notes from when I was in highschool. It's interesting to see what I found important back then, when I was just learning to think critically. There are so many parts of this book that resonate with me. The biggest thing being I am glad now more than ever that I cut the cord and stream everything. It's made me pickier about what I spend my time watching. I'm not trying to be a snob about it - there is definitely a time and place for mindless entertainment. It's when that mindlessness takes over all of your habits, like Mildred in this novel, that I have a problem with. If you haven't read Fahrenheit 451, please pick up a copy. It's a quick read and I think one of the most essential books in American literature.


Still listening to my Telepopmusik Pandora station. I also just renewed my Sirius XM subscription, so I'll be jamming out to BackSpin and SiriusXM Fly. I love old school hip hop. I have a road trip coming up so a wide variety of music and podcasts is what keeps me sane while driving.


Still chugging away on that stitch sampler shawl. I also did a few basic alterations and repairs to clothes. My crafternoon group got together last weekend to knit dishcloths for the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus residents. I love the idea of knitting for a cause, especially when it means I get to spend time with such an awesome group of friends. What's a crafternoon, you ask? Read my friend Sarah Jane's post on crafternooning. If you're crafting and not crafternooning, you are not living life to the fullest. Sorrynotsorry.


I am a sucker for beauty products, so it should come as no surprise that I have been multi-masking for years. About once a month, I pick an evening and I dedicate it to skin care. I usually do a suck stuff up mask, followed by a reduce redness/moisturize mask.

Here are my favorites:
First Aid Beauty - Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay - This is my go too mask. If I only have time for one, this is it. Peeling it off is fun, but I think it purifies better than some of the mud masks. It leaves my skin nice and tight, without feeling weird.
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying - If you are into mud masks, try this one. It's similar to the GlamGlow SuperMud, but so much cheaper. I don't dig the smell, so I don't use it as often, but I do like the results.
SEPHORA COLLECTION - Sleeping Mask - Pearl - I love all of the Sephora sleeping masks, but the Pearl is my favorite. It really does give you brighter, more glowy skin. The best part is that these masks are really about 3 to 5 uses in each little pod for $4. Pick some up and then pick up a good storage container. I can mask at night all week with this stuff. I tend to tuck these into bags I make as gifts because they are just so darn awesome.
Farmhouse Fresh - Pajama Paste - I love this mask! I picked it up at my local spa, but you can get it online too. It's an active mask that kind of warms up and tingles just a smidge. It startles you if you're not expecting it, but it's nothing major. I love the smell too. I think it reduces redness better than any other mask.
Derma E - Hyaluronic Hydrating Mask - This is a great anti-aging and moisturizing mask too. I was using this before I discovered the Pajama Paste and I still go back to it from time to time. I use it when I need extra moisture during winter.

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Our departmental newsletter as my work group to name a favorite book that we had read more than once. Fahrenheit 451 was mine.(mom)

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