Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The three part bra cup & Bra Fittings!

Just a note that this Saturday March 25, I will be doing bra fittings at Amour in the East Village, from 2 to 5. Stop in, get fitted, ask questions, and check out the great inventory. It will be so much fun!

(This is just an icon, not an actual 3 part cup bra)

If you have not yet tried a bra with a three part cup construction, let me be the first to introduce you. They are amazing. I don't care what brand, I think it's a key component to a good cup fit. It's a simple enough idea - the more parts to your cup, the more easily the material can be shaped. I also think that a 3 part cup provides extra support that seamless soft cup bras just do not have. I love a good molded cup bra, but the biggest draw back (or perk?) is that your boobs are poured into whatever shape that cup was molded into. A 3 part soft cup bra will enhance your natural shape instead of making your  boobs fit a mold. The top part of a 3 part bra is more forgiving and I think less likely to give you the quadra boob - at least less so than a molded cup bra. If you are a soft cup person, a three part cup will give you the shape you want. No more sad, saggy boobs. Trust me when I say that trying one of these on will change your life. I cried tears of joy when I tried one on for the first time and squealed "I'm so pretty!" in the dressing room.

Illustration of a 3 Part cup bra
By Steifer with help of Gytha (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (],
via Wikimedia Commons

Bras with 3 (or more) cup parts

Ok, so most of my bra advice is going to be for those of you with a fuller bust. I'm trying to research smaller cup sizes as well, so hang in there! Some of these I have tried, some I have seen on other bra blogs and get decent reviews. I reached out to Heather and Alex at Amour and got their recommendations as well.

Bras I've actually tried

Claudette Dessous - It's mesh and super sexy. But it also fits really well! I love mine for the summer months when you need something lightweight.
Tutti Rouge - Jessica - The ladies at Amour tell me this one has been flying off the shelves. It's cute, sexy, and functional. What more could you ask for?!
Avocado Isadora - Avocado was a new to me brand that Heather introduced me to. I'm super impressed by both the Isadora and the Orlando. This is a brand I'll be keeping my eye on.

Bras I've heard great things about

Panache - They make 3 or 4 styles that have multiple cups. They are almost entirely a D+ line (except for their amazing sports bras, which go down to a B cup). I love my Panache sports bras so much that I have high hopes for anything they make.
Fantasie Susanna - I personally have good luck with the Fantasie brand, and I expect the Susanna would be no different.
Curvy Kate - Curvy Kate is another large cup line that has really cute and fun bras. I haven't tried them yet, but I've been dying to (they're based in the UK).

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