Friday, December 2, 2016

Physical Therapy Week 2 & 3

My second week of physical therapy was all about the pool. Normally, I think it's a hassle to get in and swim around because of all the changing and showering that has to be done. I'm finding I don't mind it as much. Only thing I'm worried about is my newly dyed hair turning the pool red.
I'm the youngest person in therapy so far, and I'm not sure if it makes me feel really old or even younger. I still don't feel like I'm doing much of anything during our pool workouts. But it is easy on the joints, and for that I am thankful. 
I'm loving my swimsuit so far too. I was worried because it was so inexpensive, I thought it might be flimsy or not fit right. So far it's exactly what I wanted. 
I gained a few pounds over thanksgiving, but nothing devastating. I need to refocus on eating well and cutting out the crap. 
My physical therapist introduced me to the theracane today. I am totally getting one. I think it will help break up fascia in my back way better than my trusty old foam roller. 
I'm making good progress in PT, but may be doing a couple more weeks of it to keep things heading in the right direction. Next week we start building a plan I can maintain on my own. That's the part I'm most excited about. 

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