Monday, December 12, 2016

Meet Senor

Look at this magnificent bastard. One look tells me all I need to know about this cat. I haven't met him but I know all I need to know about him from this one picture. He's a dick. Not a regular "oh I'm your average asshole cat" kind of dick, but a special kind. The kind that is only nice to his chosen person. Particular in his loyalty, I bet he takes extra care of anyone who adopts him.
Senor, magnificent bastard cat
Not only is he that lovely Russian blue but he has green eyes too. Pretty much meets all my requirements for handsomest cat ever. I'd be taking him home right now if I was interested in breaking my cat to human ratio rule. But I haven't yet given up on life. So it's up to you dear internet. He's at Furry Friends, waiting for his person to find him.

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