Sunday, November 27, 2016


The holiday season is rough for most people. Extra demands on time are exhausting. It takes a lot out of you. So I was nervous to see how things would shake out for me. I have to travel to see family several hours by car and normally that's enough to wear me out. Add a decadent holiday meal on top of that and I was very apprehensive about Thanksgiving day.
I survived, with minimal pain and discomfort. Heated seats in the car really seemed to help a lot. Drinking lots of water helps too. I didn't eat as much for Thanksgiving meal and I focused on more veggies and meat. Sure, I splurged on corn pudding and a dinner roll, knowing those would cause some pain. But I ate them in small quantities so it was manageable. All in all, it wasn't too bad of a day.
There will be some things I do differently for Christmas celebrations. Less sweets, more veggies and water. Avoid corn altogether. But I'm optimistic I can get through this with little pain. Which is awesome progress! I'm thankful that I've taken the time to narrow things down and explore how food impacts me. Finding balance has been a tedious journey. I know some people enjoy making changes or have fun with these types of things. I'm not one of those people, so seeing results so soon as been the reward I needed to keep going.
In that vein, I plan to cook up some healthy lunches for the week this afternoon to help me stay on track. Cooking ahead is a tool I need to use more often. Keeps me from making bad decisions and saves me some money!
Before I do that though, I fully intend to take advantage of snuggly kitties and warm blankets on a grey Sunday.

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