Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting back to routine

Well hello there loyal readers (all three of you). Long time no see, eh?
I've spent most of the spring dealing with a mess of medical issues. See, back in the day, I smashed up my teeth real bad. Long story short, they got fixed, but every 5 to 7 years I have to go in for a couple of root canals. This year, that turned into 3 root canals after several rounds of infections that moved up into my sinuses. I spent the better part of April and May going back and forth to the endodontist trying to figure out what was going on.
Meanwhile my dentist was telling me we should just yank them out and put in dental implants. Of course I googled the dental implant process and proceeded to freak the fuck out. Thankfully the endodontist was not ready to give up yet. Finally, I am two weeks out from my last root canal and I am starting to feel better.
When your front teeth hurt like hell and one side of your face feels like it has caved in, eating anything other than soft foods isn't exactly appealing. And exercising? Forget it. This week I am back on the wagon with both exercising and eating healthy. Surprisingly, I didn't have too many other fibro flare ups during this spring. Or maybe I just didn't notice them because my face hurt so badly? Who knows.
Anyway, this is my note to tell you all I'm back at it and will get back on a blog schedule here shortly. I have a half started post on the best online bra shopping I hope to get out soon. But right now? I'm gonna go ride bikes with Todd! :)

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